Collegiate Peaks Wilderness, Colorado, USA

Collegiate Peaks Wilderness, Colorado, USA


This is the
natural progression of things:
the seed grows
in the husk
then the husk sloughs off.
Know the difference. There is
no arrogance in either. If
you must make something
of a shell you no longer need,
do it with love.
But when you feel the wind
slant and soft
on the break of some new morning, all you have to do is

Be the seed
you are, germinating in this soil
of present life.
open to everything,
Stay here, go deep.

James Scott Smith, The Expanse of All Things

In the spirit of coyote guidance through the borderland of liminal space, James Scott Smith is offering one exquisite cairn after another to the soul wandering but not lost. The Expanse of All Things is a testament of the journey from form to faith, and of the love for tradition as long as it serves the evolution of consciousness. This collection runs the seam between culture and nature with an aching hunger for experience transformed.

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Winner of the 2018 Nautilus Book Award, - Silver for Poetry


The Great Wheel

All of everything
is a great wheel
turning, vast, of all galaxies,
every universe, of which
ours is most certainly small.
Human time is the
flick of a finch feather and
our inhabitance will keep
as long as we care for it,
no longer. All the law
and all the prophets
can be summed up as this:
to roll inside the great wheel,
to turn with it,
not against it.

James Scott Smith, Water, Rocks and Trees

Winner of the 2017 Nautilus Books Awards - Silver for Poetry

Honorary Mention in the 2015 Homebound Publications Poetry Prize

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